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  • Bluetooth Douchebags

    Some men wear their Bluetooths like they are surgically attached to their ears. Going out to dinner, the movies, your local Starbucks – these are all places deemed acceptable by the Bluetooth douchebag. Sometimes you have to wonder if they are even talking to anyone on the other end. View List ›

    MelisBuzzFeed 4 years ago 7 responses

  • Jawbone 2

    This sleek-looking bluetooth headset is 50% smaller than the original and has superior noise canceling technology. It’s a non-douchey looking bluetooth headset that also works better than most of the others. Read More ›

    Peggy Wang 6 years ago respond

  • CharmingBurka

    Invented by a German artist, this Bluetooth-enabled burqa allows Muslim women who wear the veil to transmit an image of themselves to mobile phones nearby. While the project is meant to be experimental and provocative, many observers have expressed outrage at the idea of using innovative new technology to accommodate an archaic symbol of repression. Read More ›

    BuzzFeed Classic 6 years ago respond