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  • Dimension Films Orders Scripts For Bad Santa 2 And 3

    Dimension Films believes it can turn 2003’s Bad Santa into a lucrative multi-part franchise. The company has hired two fresh-faced screenwriters, Johnny Rosenthal and John Phillips, to separately concoct sequel hijinks for Billy Bob Thornton’s eponymous a-hole. The winning script will become Bad Santa 2, the “loser” will get to be Bad Santa 3. Best of luck to both writers, but it sounds like Hollywood’s latest plan is to throw turds at the wall and see what sticks. Speaking of which, I’m sure there are plenty of willing writers who would love to send spec scripts their way. View Image ›

    Jonathan Poritsky 3 years ago 14 responses

  • Amanda Brumfield

    Billy Bob Thorton’s estranged daughter, Amanda Brumfield has been indicted on several charges in the death of a 1-year-old girl she was baby sitting in central Florida. Find out more at Popeater.

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