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  • Viral Culture Powerpoint Presentation

    Writer David Rees provides NY Mag’s Vulture with a downloadable PDF file in which he meditates (hilariously, although somewhat informatively) on And Then There’s This, a new book by Bill Wasik that looks at the power of viral culture. While the presentation is, in fact, somewhat “insider-y,” we’re big fans of his shoutout to Mom Forwards with the historic gem, “Don’t use your cell phone at the gas station, it’ll make the pump explode!” Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago 6 responses

  • How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture

    Understand why ideas go viral, how you can make something viral, and what it means for our culture. By far the best book on the viral web and a MUST read for anyone who wants to understand the web, media, and cultural trends.

    Amazon 5 years ago respond

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