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  • 28 Beauty Queens Gone Wild

    This weekend is the 2010 Miss America competition. If past experience is anything to go by, next week we’ll find out about all the scandalous things the contestants got up to in their youth. Carrie Prejean, this retrospective is dedicated to you.

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  • Butt Glue

    As the contestants for this weekend’s Miss America Contest prep their swimsuit poses, they’re also stocking up on butt glue. Butt glue suddenly popped up in Google Trends as contestants desperately search for last-minute necessities - it prevents wedgies and keeps everything in its place. A must have for all the would-be beauty queens out there. Read More ›

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  • Sarah Palin

    Alaska’s governor is suddenly everyone’s favorite politician of 2007. A pot smoking, moose burger eating former beauty queen (Miss Wasilla 1984!) who recently posed for a Vogue shoot, Palin is the anti-Bush, popularity-wise. Update: McCain selects Sarah Palin as his VP! Crazy. Read More ›

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  • omg

    Lauren Caitlin Upton

    Miss Teen South Carolina answers a beauty pageant question about American ignorance by showing off some of her own. Watch as Miss Upton attempts to answer the following: “Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map. Why do you think this is?” Read More ›

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  • Amy Polumbo

    Miss New Jersey is being blackmailed over some photos taken from her Facebook site. A mysterious blackmailer wants her to turn in her crown or the photos will go online, but the plucky pageant winner’s not giving in to the demands. The first Facebook scandal! Read More ›

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