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  • The Best of ‘Wikipedia Names Your Band’

    Some truly brilliant work from BuzzFeed readers over this weekend in creating a couple of hundred totally convincing rock albums using the Wikipedia Album Generator. Objectively speaking, this may be one of the best things that has ever happened - I’m still checking back every hour or so to look at the new ones. Here are a few of my favorites so far. You can make your own to add to the collection here. Read More ›

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago 26 responses

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    Wikipedia Names Your Band

    New meme: here’s a totally random way to make your new random band’s new random album cover. Post one! Go to “Wikipedia.” Hit “random” and the first article you get is the name of your band. Then go to “Random Quotations” and the last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. Then, go to Flickr and click on “Explore the Last Seven Days” and the third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. Anyway, you’re now looking at my new side project, which will probably sound like Evanescence if they were on 4AD. Update: These are so awesome!!! We seriously love these so much. Please keep ‘em coming. Here’s a small selection of some of our favorites so far. View Image ›

    Peggy Wang 5 years ago 136 responses