• Balloon Gun

    I might be slightly exaggerating here, but this balloon gun, that works like Russian Roulette, might be just as frightening as the real thing. Especially if you are Globophobic, like me. Globophobic is a fear of popping balloons and while I’ve never been on Maury, I feel like I might have this phobia. View Image ›

    Lindsey 5 years ago respond

  • BJ Balloons

    These balloons are being given out by the NYC Museum of Sex to promote an oral sex exhibit they’ve got going on. I think they are designed to make it look like the person inflating them is jokingly blowing on her friend’s belly. View Image ›

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago 18 responses

  • wtf

    Racist Toothpaste Commercial

    The pole-climbing black man frightens white folk, but appearances can be deceiving! Similarly, black herbal toothpaste looks weird and scary, but it’s actually pretty good. I think that’s the message, anyway. This commercial is sad because it’s pretty racist and also because it’s pretty sad. The lonely man had a lousy day and he clearly makes awful toothpaste choices. (Via Copyranter). Watch Video ›

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago 41 responses

  • Vintage Thanksgiving Day Parade Pictures

    Some of these old Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade pictures are adorable, while others are just straight up weird. The first helium filled balloons debuted in 1927, and were Felix the Cat, the Dragon, an Elephant, and a Toy Soldier. I have no idea when this crocodile showed up at the party, but i’m guessing fashionable late, as crocodiles always are. View Image ›

    Brian Ries 5 years ago respond

  • The Flying Priest

    Brazilian priest Adelir Antonio de Capri tried to break the record of 19 hours set for time spent flying by balloon. After he initially went missing, his remains were found at sea, about over 650 miles northeast. Sadly, de Capri had begun his journey as an attempt to raise money for charity. Even sadder, he had a GPS system with him, but didn’t attempt to figure out how it worked until he was airborne. Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 6 years ago 1 response

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