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  • Car Crisis

    Just over two months into her tenure as GM Chief Executive, Mary Barra is faced with perhaps the biggest crisis the automaker has faced since its bailout. GM had recalled 3.15 million cars for various safety failures and said it would take a $300 million charge this quarter. Further, the company had been criticized for its tightly-controlled press management of the crisis.

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  • 59 Photos Of The Chaos In Greece

    Athens is still reeling from the riots which burned 45 buildings and triggered a forceful crackdown by police. Protesters were furious with the severe austerity cuts passed by Parliament in order to accept an EU bailout package. Demonstrations continued today, but nowhere near the ferocity of what was seen over the weekend.

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  • 45 More Photos Of The Riots In Greece

    Despite massive and often violent protests against them, severe austerity measures have been passed by the Greek parliament. This paves the way for emergency bailout loans from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund that are intended to prevent a total collapse of Greece’s economy and stabilize global markets. Here are some more photos from the ongoing riots that have erupted in the streets of Athens as a response to the painful budget cuts. View List ›

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  • Bank of Obama

    Wanna really piss your friends off? Send them a fake bailout check! Kidding — it’s all in harmless fun. Everyone deserves a bailout of some sort, even if it’s a “Get Out Of Uncomfortable Situation Free” sort of deal. I wrote myself one for one million dollars, because boats are super expensive! View Image ›

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  • Capping Executive Pay

    The Obama administration is going to impose a cap of $500,000 on executive pay at companies that get bailout money. Do these people even know how expensive caviar is these days? No self-respecting CEO can live on such a tiny salary.

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  • The Bailout Game

    Didn’t agree with the bailout? Thought you could’ve done a better job? We’ll see about that. Hit up this amazingly well-designed (and entertaining) game, which is inspired by Monopoly, but you get to choose who gets bailed out and who gets the ax. Watch out for the recession (ie angry mob in red pickup truck!)

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  • PNC to Buy National City Corp.

    PNC is another bank that’s suddenly getting a lot of Google traffic, after it announced plans to buy Cleveland-based National City Corp. with help from the $700 billion government bailout. It’s the first bank to explicitly use the bailout for an acquisition. After the merger, PNC will become the fifth-largest bank in the country.

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  • Regions Bank

    Alabama’s largest bank is one of the most-searched terms on Google after it announced it will participate in the $700 billion government bailout. Bad mortgages in Florida were a big part of the bank’s problems. Neel Kashkari to the rescue!

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