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  • Risque Campaign Ad

    This ad for Jim Slattery, who’s running for Senate in Kansas, walks the thin line between political timeliness and urine jokes. Voters are definitely getting wet in one way or another. The moment when the big fat cat starts dousing the tiny voters and looks down, laughing: A creepiness rating of 10. Watch Video ›

    Scott Lamb 6 years ago respond

  • Kanye Infomercial

    Always wanted to release the superstar within you? Now you can, with Be Kanye®. Call now. This is clearly an ad for something, and it’s not a powder that turns you into Kanye West. Vodka? Whatever he’s selling, it’s worth watching for the tiger. Watch Video ›

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  • JC Penney’s Teen Sex Ad

    Hey kids! JC Penney wants you to know, “Today’s the day to get away with it.” The ad shows two horny teenagers practicing putting their clothes back on in under 18 seconds so they can go down into the basement and fool around without the fear of getting caught by mom. What remains unclear is what this has to do with JC Penney — they make easily put-on clothing? Update: Despite winning an award at the Cannes Advertising Festival, it’s a fake. YouTube has the video but you can also watch it here. Watch Video ›

    Scott Lamb 6 years ago 1 response

  • Rachael Ray Dunkin’ Donuts Ad

    An online banner with the ubiquitous Ray wearing a scarf that may or may not be a keffiyeh has been pulled after a conservative outcry. Michelle Malkin was shocked, shocked! Will Keffiyeh Gate rally the blogosphere to her fashion cause? Or has the scarf been passé long enough now that all she’ll garner is a collective “meh”? Read More ›

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  • Scarlet

    Don’t get all excited, there’s nothing to see here. You may have noticed an ad campaign online over the last month or so for a TV show called Scarlet, starring Natassia Malthe. As it turns out, there is no show, only a new line of LCD HDTVs from LG, as disappointed celebrities like Lindsay Lohan found out at last night’s “premiere.” Ha ha! Hoaxes: The new marketing frontier. Read More ›

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  • Tom Ford’s Banned Ad

    This time, Ford has pissed off the Italians. One ad in a campaign for his sunglasses has been labeled “markedly vulgar” by an Italian ad organization and must be reprinted. Worth noting: Another ad in the campaign, which was not banned, features a naked woman grabbing a man’s crotch. Read More ›

    BuzzFeed Classic 6 years ago 1 response

  • 9/11 Exploitation Ads

    A new anti-smoking ad featuring two cigarettes standing in for the Twin Towers is just the latest in the 9/11 exploitation ad genre. From advertising newspapers to various public service announcements, 9/11 is apparently now fair game if you’re hawking something. Read More ›

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  • Super Bowl Ads

    Once again, violent antics and broad stereotypes win the day. Despite some assertions that this year’s crop of ads would be kinder and gentler, the majority of Super Bowl spots couldn’t help basing their jokes on brutal pratfalls and thinly veiled racist jokes. Here’s a roundup of what you missed while replenishing your snacks. Read More ›

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  • Ice Breakers Pacs Look Like Drugs

    Hershey’s is stopping production on candy they say looks too much like street drugs. After catching flack from police and teachers for creating a breath freshener that glamorizes drug use, Hershey decided to pull Ice Breakers Pacs. Joining the ranks of bubblegum cigarettes, we’ll now have to look for ‘dime bags of freshness’ on the black market. Read More ›

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  • Vagina Ads

    A fit of vagina obsession hits the advertising world. Feminist blogs, ad blogs and corporate watchdog blogs all agree: A Target billboard in Times Square focuses too much on the crotch, and a new Absolut ad leaves little to the imagination. Read More ›

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  • HeadOn

    The HeadOn ad is the most annoying thing ever made. Yet it seems to be working. Sales were up 234 percent between 2005 and 2006, and are continuing to grow this year. Does the ad’s simplicity trump its mind-bending awfulness? Read More ›

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  • Oral Ads

    An ad in Linux Journal is causing a stir online. The ad, for QSOL servers, has somehow struck a nerve. Hmm, maybe it’s the headline, accompanying a photo of a stern-looking woman with pouty red lips: “Don’t feel bad. Our servers won’t go down on you you either.” (Thanks for the tip!) Read More ›

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