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  • 59 Photos Of The Chaos In Greece

    Athens is still reeling from the riots which burned 45 buildings and triggered a forceful crackdown by police. Protesters were furious with the severe austerity cuts passed by Parliament in order to accept an EU bailout package. Demonstrations continued today, but nowhere near the ferocity of what was seen over the weekend.

    Gavon Laessig 2 years ago 18 responses

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    Greek Protesters Set Starbucks, Athens Aflame

    A group of black-hooded youths hurled Molotov cocktails at various shops Sunday night, hours before Greece Parliament looks to pass a 130 billion euro bailout. The bill would ostensibly save the government from bankruptcy but would also result in 3.3 billion euros being cut from people’s wages and pensions.

    Brian Abrams 2 years ago 39 responses

  • R.E.M. Break Up

    After forming more than 30 years ago in Athens, Georgia, rock legends R.E.M. are calling it quits. Below are statements about the break up from Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills, released through their website. Hopefully, behind the scenes, it had nothing to do with this. View List ›

    Gavon Laessig 3 years ago 31 responses