Latest On Americans For Tax Reform

  • Anti-Obama Storm-Related Flier

    According the Houston Chronicle, the flier appeared at the apartment door of a person in Virginia, and was produced by the Americans for Tax Reform. Update A voter in Arlington, Virginia sends along a PDF of the flier that appeared at his door clearly showing the Americans for Tax Reform logo. Update An ATR spokesman comments “the photo you have is of a photocopy of a piece of mail we sent out in September. Someone is either trying to be cute or deliberately trying to mislead.” Update An Americans for Tax Reform spokesman sends over an invoice to show the mailer was designed and paid for in September and a copy sent out in October.

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  • In 2007 Mitt Romney Struggled To Explain Tax Pledge Flip-Flop

    Mitt Romney is often attacked for his shifts on social issues. But this 2007 clip from an interview with 60 Minutes reveals Romney’s also had a tortured explanation for his refusal to sign an ATR no new taxes pledge while running for Governor in 2002 saying, “I didn’t change my mind. I was running for Governor of Massachusetts and now I’m running for a different office.”

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