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  • 3G iPhone Reviews

    As usual, the big dailies get to review Apple’s newest phone before anyone else. No surprises: They like it! Beyond the fact that the two-year pricing is actually more than the earlier version of the iPhone, the only other big downside is that the GPS isn’t powerful enough to provide step-by-step driving directions, which is kind of a bummer. Read More ›

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  • iPhone Porn

    Will porn be the secret engine that drives 3G iPhone sales? Cellphone pornography still hasn’t become big in the U.S., but Time writes about “the coming pornucopia” of mobile porn via the new iPhone. 3G plus multi-touch, hello! Read More ›

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  • 3G iPhone Release

    The new iPhone is here. The new specs: $199 for the 8 GB phone, $299 for the 16GB, 3G (much faster networking), GPS, thinner, black plastic back (also available in white), flush headphone jack, improved battery life. The new version will be available July 11th. Plus: Lots of new applications (games, blogging, news) will be available at the Apps store. Read More ›

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