26 Things Ryan Atwood Taught ’00s Teens About Love

Spoiler: Not everyone is as perfect as Ryan.

1. He turned up when all Marissa needed was a friend.

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2. And even though he wasn’t sure he was right for her…

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3. He turned out to be The One.

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4. He always said the right thing.

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5. And punched the right people.

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6. And showed up just in time.

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7. Even when he was late, everything turned out OK.

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8. Because Ryan was perfect.

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9. And Marissa was perfect.

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10. And together, they just redefined perfection.

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11. He didn’t always have that much to say.

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12. In fact, he often kept quiet.

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13. OK, fine. The man didn’t speak.

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14. But he did stroke Marissa’s hair.

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15. And he kept her warm.

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16. And he faced his greatest fear just so he could be with her.

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17. Besides, when Ryan did have something to say, he wasn’t afraid to speak up.

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18. Especially if it meant protecting Marissa.

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19. So when everything got bad…

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20. … and Marissa was all alone…

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21. … and she didn’t know what to do…

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22. Ryan fixed it.

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23. And when Marissa let him go…

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24. … the whole world screamed.

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25. Because, in that moment, we all learned what it is like to have loved and lost.

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26. So thanks, Ryan. We learnt everything from you.

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