24 Signs It’s Too Hot In London Right Now

We’re not friends with the sun anymore.

1. You wake up, check the headlines and find out the UK’s hotter than Miami, Jamaica AND Athens.

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2. Headlines like this are, for once, no exaggeration.

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3. “How lovely,” you think. “This is going to be the best summer ever.”

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4. But then you step outside and realise you could not have been more wrong.

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5. You try to cool yourself down. It doesn’t work.

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6. London’s parks are suddenly the most densely populated areas on the planet.

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7. Apart, that is, from city’s beer gardens.

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8. Meanwhile, Oxford Street is a punishing hellscape. More so than usual.

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9. And the thought of getting on a crowded tube makes you want to cry.

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10. You decide hanging out on Southbank is your best option. Water + outdoor bars = bliss, right?

Wrong. Everyone else had the same idea.

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11. You could try and escape the city, but you know there’d be no respite at the seaside either.

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12. This is the summer that you, like this squirrel, may die.

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13. You can’t light candles anymore.

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14. You might as well throw out your frying pan.

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15. Leaving a can of Coke in the car is the worst idea you could ever have.

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16. Your snack of choice is frozen grapes…

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… because all the nice sweets have melted.

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17. You’re forced to celebrate birthdays with cakes made out of fruit.

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18. You’ve built your own swimming pool. With limited success.

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19. Your fridge is otherwise occupied.

ID: 1371942

20. This is your daily battle.

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21. It’s a shame wearing swimwear to work is frowned upon.

ID: 1371963

22. If it were socially acceptable to spend the entire day doing this, you surely would.

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23. Of course, the only thing worse than the heat is people moaning about the heat.

It's just too hot and muggy and horrible in London at the moment.

— David Spearing (@DavidSpearing)

David Spearing


It’s just too hot and muggy and horrible in London at the moment.

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It's too hot In London

— Jessica Carter (@JessicaaCarter)

Jessica Carter


It’s too hot In London

ID: 1372102

Literally been everywhere in London today. It's too hot fow dis shiz.

— Lem Knights (@LemuelKnights)

Lem Knights


Literally been everywhere in London today. It’s too hot fow dis shiz.

ID: 1372105

24. Bring on the cold and rain. Then we can go back to moaning about that instead.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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