18 Things Everyone With Glandular Fever Is Tired Of Hearing

“Isn’t that called The Kissing Disease?”

1. “Oh, you don’t look ill.”

OK, well I’m not lying.

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2. “Does that mean you’re infectious?”

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Sure does.

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3. “So can I catch it?”

Thanks for your concern.

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4. “My friend had glandular fever once.”

That’s so interesting. Please tell me more.

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5. “They were OK though.”

“Good for your anonymous friend.”

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6. “Isn’t it called The Kissing Disease?”

By absolute IDIOTS, yes.

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7. “Oooooh cheeky.”


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8. “Is it an STI?”

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9. “But isn’t it herpes though?”


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10. “So are you really tired?”

Yep. That’s the nature of it. You’ve really grasped the core concept there.

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11. “I get tired sometimes too.”

Cool story.

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12. “Are you sure you’re not just overworked?”

Yes, I’m pretty sure the problem runs deeper than that.

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13. “Why don’t you have a coffee?”

Could you try to be any less helpful.

ID: 3696476

14. “You look terrible.”

Thanks, you too.

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15. “Your eyes are awfully bloodshot.”

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16. “Eugh so do you have tonsillitis?”

Yep. Got any more probing medical questions?

ID: 3696482

17. “Does it hurt?”

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Like a bitch.

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18. “Can I touch you?”

No. Just… no.

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