18 Things Everyone With Glandular Fever Is Tired Of Hearing

“Isn’t that called The Kissing Disease?”

1. “Oh, you don’t look ill.”

OK, well I’m not lying.

2. “Does that mean you’re infectious?”

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Sure does.

3. “So can I catch it?”

Thanks for your concern.

4. “My friend had glandular fever once.”

That’s so interesting. Please tell me more.

5. “They were OK though.”

“Good for your anonymous friend.”

6. “Isn’t it called The Kissing Disease?”

By absolute IDIOTS, yes.

7. “Oooooh cheeky.”


8. “Is it an STI?”

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9. “But isn’t it herpes though?”


10. “So are you really tired?”

Yep. That’s the nature of it. You’ve really grasped the core concept there.

11. “I get tired sometimes too.”

Cool story.

12. “Are you sure you’re not just overworked?”

Yes, I’m pretty sure the problem runs deeper than that.

13. “Why don’t you have a coffee?”

Could you try to be any less helpful.

14. “You look terrible.”

Thanks, you too.

15. “Your eyes are awfully bloodshot.”

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16. “Eugh so do you have tonsillitis?”

Yep. Got any more probing medical questions?

17. “Does it hurt?”

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Like a bitch.

18. “Can I touch you?”

No. Just… no.

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Tabatha Leggett is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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