29 Things ’00s Girls Wore Every Summer

Suns out, midriffs out.

2. Abercrombie tank tops.

Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

4. Jack Wills flannel shorts.

5. Capri jeans with heels.

MJ Kim / Staff / Getty

6. Net tops.


7. Sunglasses with diamantes on the sides.

8. Holiday hair wraps.

9. Denim miniskirts.

Kevin Winter / Getty

10. Coloured sunglasses.

11. Off-the-shoulder tops.

Simon Cobb / Getty Images

12. Trucker caps.

13. Ballet flats.

14. Abercrombie ruffle skirts.

16. Full-length gypsy skirts.


17. Jack Wills ra-ra skirts.

18. Sequin-studded gypsy tops.

Scott Gries / Getty

19. Smock dresses.

21. Cowgirl crop shirts.

Jo Hale / Stringer / Getty

22. Jack Wills polo shirts.

24. Denim hot pants.

27. Beaded friendship bracelets.

28. Juicy Couture velour cropped hoodies.

29. But most importantly, fake tan.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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