The 23 Most Wonderfully Scouse Things That Have Ever Happened

Calm down, lads.

1. This Beatles-inspired taxi.

2. This cheerful piece of graffiti.

3. The avenue that men just can’t get enough of.

4. This make-do notification.

5. This girl who forgot to take out her rollers.

6. These Liverpool players visiting an Everton fan in hospital.

7. This helpful letter sent out by local councils.

8. This security protected cheese.

9. These deck chairs.

Flickr: Paola Gospodnetich / Flickr: paolagospo

10. This oddly-specific bin instruction.

11. Liverpool’s most important road sign.

12. This honest statement.

13. These lyrical stairs.

Flickr: Les Haines / Flickr: leshaines123

15. This straight-talking pub sign.

17. This important vehicle.

18. This drunk house.

20. This chap taking his raccoon for a walk.

21. This cake.

Flickr: Professor Andy Miah / Flickr: leshaines123

23. And this unnecessarily descriptive toilet sign.

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