33 Signs You Went To An All-Girls Public School

Including lessons in: dress codes, lacrosse and boys.

1. Your uniform had to be custom made.

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2. Buying the cheaper M&S equivalent landed you in detention.

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3. Where your punishment was writing lines.

ID: 1382600

4. Mind you, navigating your Sixth Form Dress Code was a minefield.

ID: 1382589

5. But at least you could work out exactly how far to roll up your skirt.

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6. You were friends with all your teachers on Facebook.

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7. Which meant you got punished for uploading inappropriate pictures.

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8. But hey, at least school lunches were good.

ID: 1382582

9. You fell in love twice a year.

ID: 1382604

Once with the token male teacher.

ID: 1376858

And once on the annual ski trip.

ID: 1376879

10. Own clothes day? Jack Wills day.

ID: 1382618

11. This man taught you sex-ed.

ID: 1376857

12. You mum spent her summers naming your pencils.

ID: 1382627

13. And then your sports kit.

ID: 1376924

14. Playing lacrosse twice a week meant your body was always covered in ball-shaped bruises.

ID: 1376892

15. The first time you met boys was on the school bus.

ID: 1376932

16. And the first time one looked at you, you forgot how to speak.

ID: 1376906

17. You finally met some more at joint discos with the boys’ school.

ID: 1376862

18. But soon realised they were all shorter than you.

ID: 1376939

19. Nothing was more important than being accepted by these girls.

ID: 1376908

20. Literally, nothing.

ID: 1382632

21. Parents’ Evening was essentially speed dating for the single parents.

ID: 1376876

22. You had at least one friend whose parents paid her to do well in her GCSEs.

ID: 1382635

23. Tatler was your Bible.

ID: 1376941

24. And marrying Prince William the aim.

ID: 1376943

25. Tall girls played boys in school plays. Like, always.

ID: 1376963

26. Feminism was the topic of every single assembly.

ID: 1376962

27. But not until after the chamber choir finished singing.

ID: 1382642

28. You cried when Caecilius died.

ID: 1382643

29. Years of Speech & Drama lessons meant you could quote pretty much everything Shakespeare ever wrote.

ID: 1382646

30. You knew summer had arrived when your Maths class moved to the top garden.

ID: 1382649

31. Being chosen to read the Bible in the Christmas cathedral service was, like, the biggest honour.

ID: 1382652

32. So you spent the entire year debating at local rotary clubs to practise.

ID: 1382660

33. And when you finally finished…

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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