39 Signs You Took A Gap Year

And, like, totally found yourself.

1. You couldn’t wait to finish school.

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2. And the summer got off to a great start.

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3. Until the real world called.

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4. “BRB,” you said. “I don’t have time for education or employment right now.”

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6. So off you went.

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7. You soon perfected the art of rolling clothes into your backpack.

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8. And accessorised your feet.

Havaianas? Check.

ID: 1403906

Anklet? Check.

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9. You discovered that no matter how remote the area, you’ll always run into someone you know.

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10. You played this game. Every. Single. Day.

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11. Pretty soon you started dreaming about meals that weren’t rice and beans.

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12. Not to mention warm showers with a decent water pressure.

ID: 1404187

13. You lost track of the date months ago.

ID: 1404189

14. 24 hours on a bus? That’s nothing.

ID: 1403995

15. Possessing clean laundry felt like an unreachable dream.

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16. Haggling at supermarkets over the equivalent of 15p was totally legit.

ID: 1404192

17. You lived off 7Eleven’s iced coffees.

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18. You own a vest advertising every beer ever brewed in South East Asia.

ID: 1410113

19. You changed your profile picture to feature an exciting animal.

ID: 1403903

20. And told people that the scar on your leg came from a tiger.

ID: 1404164

21. But really, it’s because you drank too many of these.

ID: 1403911

22. And too much of this.

ID: 1404196

23. Although nothing cures a Changover like a glass of lassi.

ID: 1403916

24. You became an absolute pro at changing in a dark hostel using only the light of your Alcatel’s torch.

ID: 1404220

25. You’ve definitely shared a night train with a goat.

ID: 1403913

26. You never realised that cashews taste good with ALL FOODS EVER.

ID: 1410116

27. You’re sick of people posting this on your wall.

ID: 1404223

28. Although you have painted at least one wall of at least one school in at least one impoverished country.

ID: 1397702

29. Which you have definitely mentioned in your personal statement.

ID: 1404210

30. You now realise it’s way more socially acceptable to drink on trains in other countries.

ID: 1410120

31. You doubt you’ll ever regain feeling in your back after that massage you accepted from a women’s prison.

ID: 1410121

32. You had sex in the sea. Probably at a Full Moon Party.

ID: 1403918

33. But you didn’t write that on your travel blog, as you’re pretty sure your mum’s your only reader.

ID: 1403923

34. You have a terrible tattoo which seemed like such a good idea at the time.

ID: 1410122

35. You’ve bought a ridiculous wall hanging for your room at uni.

ID: 1404171

36. And you’ve built up enough antibodies to beat Freshers’ Flu.

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37. So when term begins, you’ll be able to tell everyone how you really found yourself last year.

ID: 1404284

38. You’ll spend all year stalking your friends who are still travelling.

ID: 1404296

39. But hey, at least you have a couch to sleep on in literally every corner of the world now.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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