24 Signs You Grew Up In Cheshire

Featuring Jack Wills, the Chester Races and Living on the Edge.

1. So everyone knows Cheshire as one of the UK’s richest counties.

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2. As a place where people like the Duke of Westminster live in houses like this.

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3. Where something called the Glitz List actually exists.

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4. And every village has at least one footballer living in it.

That’s Michael Owen. He lives in Flintshire.

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5. But a day out at the Chester Races will prove it’s actually kinda trashy.

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6. Living on the Edge, the original Made in Chelsea, may have been set in Alderley Edge.

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7. But Hollyoaks was set in Chester.

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8. And Rosies has a hotdog stand in the middle of its dancefloor.

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9. Still, trashy can be good. You’ll struggle to beat a Thursday night 3-in-a-bed for good value boozing.

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10. School trips to Chester Zoo were amazing.

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11. Even if the ones to Northwich’s Salt Museum left a little to be desired.

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12. Delamere Forest was the best date place ever.

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13. And Off the Wall was the worst.

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14. Your main ambition was to feature in Cheshire Life’s society pages.

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15. So you hung out at young farmer’s balls as much as poss.

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16. Which often meant crossing the Welsh border.

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17. All your friends’ dads were plastic surgeons.

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18. Which meant all your friends’ mums looked like this.

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19. The day Chester got a Jack Wills was better than Christmas.

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20. It meant you could stop travelling to Abersoch to buy your boyfriend fit hoodies.

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21. Because what else were you going to wear to Wakestock?

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22. Talking of Abersoch, summers there were the best.

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23. So you may have grown up in the land of the nouveau riche.

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24. But you miss it now you’ve gone.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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