13 Reasons You Used To Wear A GAP Hoody

Are you chilly? You’ve got a gap in your jumper.

1. Just look at this hoody. It was the pinnacle of cool.

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2. Not to mention, the snuggliest garment around.

Earvin Corona / Flickr: 65027449@N05 / CC
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3. GAP was pretty much the only trendy shop that your parents considered sensible.

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4. The “GAP” on the front matched the gap in your front teeth.

Maile M Rounds / Thinkstock
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5. And you secretly loved it when grown ups asked if the gap in your sweater was making you chilly.

SuperFantastic / Flickr: 35423169@N00 / CC
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6. They came in every colour under the sun.

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7. And in so many different styles.

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8. All of your friends had one.

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9. As did the cool girl at school.

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10. Which meant that you all carried your P.E. kits in these bags.

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11. If you pulled your hood up, you looked moody and thoughtful.

Tammy Mcallister / Thinkstock
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12. Whilst simultaneously enjoying the feeling of the softest material gently carressing your skin.

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13. Let’s face it: GAP hoodies were unbeatable.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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