12 Very Exciting Things About The “Girls” Season 3 Trailer

OMG it’s going to be so good.

So the “Girls” production team just released a teaser for Season 3. It looks amazing.

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1. In it, Adam looks thoughtful three times. Maybe this is him deciding not to stalk Hannah anymore.

ID: 1525226

2. He also hugs Hannah and she looks really happy. Perhaps they’ve worked through their problems.

ID: 1525246

3. Look at this party! Hannah and Elijah are both attending! They’re friends again!

ID: 1525242

4. Mmmm here’s Elijah wearing an unbuttoned shirt.

ID: 1525224

5. Marnie puts her hand over her heart three times. Maybe this is her getting over her intimacy issues.

ID: 1525228

6. And here she is looking totally sorted and like maybe her unemployment phase is over.

ID: 1525257

7. Here’s Shoshanna wearing a really glitzy top.

ID: 1525252

8. And here’s Ray looking goofy but also happy, which means he might have worked things out with Shoshanna.

ID: 1525234

9. OMG Hannah looks so sassy.

ID: 1525237

10. And this smile suggests her OCD phase could be over.

ID: 1525256

11. She still wears too few items of clothing, BUT WE WOULDN’T WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY.

ID: 1525260

12. A day at the beach! Everyone wearing bikinis and squinting! Including Jessa! This season is going to be so so so good!

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Season 3 will be out in January, but you can view the full teaser below.

ID: 1525307

And on Instagram here.

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