11 Reasons British Pop Music Will Never Again Reach The Heights Of Summer 2002

Kiss kiss.

1. 28 April: Sugababes (who had just replaced Siobhán Donaghy with Heidi Range) had a number 1 single with “Freak Like Me.”

Island Records

“I wanna freak in the morning, freak in the evening… JUST LIKE ME.”

ID: 3447286
ID: 3447247

2. 28 April: Six months after its release, Blue’s debut album “All Rise” finally reached number 1.

Innocent Records

Sexy. Simon. Webbe. Swoon.

ID: 3447438
ID: 3447439

3. 5 May: Neighbours star Holly Valance scored her first number 1 single with “Kiss Kiss”.

London Records

And every teenage girl started squeezing lemon juice into her hair in an attempt to replicate her perfect, golden highlights.

ID: 3447299
ID: 3447303

4. 19 May: The five Popstars losers had a number one hit with “Just A Little” and went on to be more successful than Hear’Say.

And Jessica Taylor became the sassiest lady in the charts.

ID: 3447307
ID: 3447550

5. 2 June: Will Young topped the charts for 2 weeks with his second single, “Light My Fire”.

19 Entertainment


ID: 3447352
ID: 3447584

6. June: Sexy Ronan Keating’s sexy debut album “Destination” topped the UK albums charts. The album included number one single “If Tomorrow Never Comes”.

Polydor Records


ID: 3447356
ID: 3447357

7. 14 July: Gareth Gates, A.K.A. THE FITTEST BOY/MAN IN THE WORLD, scored his second number 1 single with “Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)”.

19 Entertainment

And he had made a stupid mistake. With Jordan. HOW COULD YOU, GARETH? HOW COULD YOU?

ID: 3447373
ID: 3447593

8. 4 August: Darius had a number one single with “Colourblind”, the greatest song of all time. It stayed at number 1 for 2 weeks.

Mercury Records

Take that, Cowell. Darius didn’t need your record label to succeed. He’s an artist in his own right, damnit.

ID: 3447376
ID: 3447596

9. 18 August: The new formation of Sugababes reached number 1 again with “Round Round”.

Island Records

Keisha’s boots!

ID: 3447385
ID: 3447388

10. 25 August: Blazin’ Squad’s debut single “Crossroads” reached number 1.

Polydor Records

And every teenage girl fell in love with Kenzie <3.

ID: 3447391
ID: 3447599

11. 1 September: Atomic Kitten covered “The Tide Is High”, topped the charts for 3 weeks.



ID: 3447411
ID: 3447603


ID: 3447611

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