18 Devastating Problems Only People From Essex Will Understand


2. When you don’t have a baby so you have to walk your dog in a pram.

3. When you need to go to Ugley and it makes you laugh.

Flickr: Gwydion M. Williams / Flickr: 45909111@N00

4. When even the water isn’t safe.

Flickr: Terry Dennis / Flickr: 67743346@N00

5. When you can get good prices, but only on Hi-Fis.

6. When you have to ask your dog not to smoke.

Flickr: Steve James / Flickr: steeljam

7. When display snowmen get a little raunchy around Christmas.

9. When you just want to get the bus without seeing someone else’s pants, but that’s not an option.

11. When you need to attack a crack.

12. When you’ve got a big secret to keep.

Flickr: Tim Ellis / Flickr: tim_ellis

15. When loitering by a bench will not be tolerated.

17. When you want to order a pint, but your dog got there first.

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