How Bad Are Your Manners?

How rude are you?

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  1. Tick everything you've done.
    1. 1 Sworn.
    2. 2 Bitten your nails.
    3. 3 Chewed with your mouth open.
    4. 4 Spoken with your mouth full.
    5. 5 Slurped a hot drink.
    6. 6 Burped in front of others.
    7. 7 Farted in front of others.
    8. 8 Picked your nose.
    9. 9 Spat in public.
    10. 10 Yawned without covering your mouth.
    11. 11 Coughed without covering your mouth.
    12. 12 Sneezed without covering your nose.
    13. 13 Forgotten to say please.
    14. 14 Forgotten to say thank you.
    15. 15 Not held the door open for someone right behind you.
    16. 16 Interrupted someone mid-speech.
    17. 17 Turned up late without warning.
    18. 18 Not replied to a text.
    19. 19 Not called someone back.
    20. 20 Dropped litter on the street.
    21. 21 Queue jumped.
    22. 22 Queue jumped at a bar.
    23. 23 Pushed someone out of the way.
    24. 24 Listened to music through headphones so loudly that everyone can hear.
    25. 25 Made out with your S.O. in public.
    26. 26 Checked your phone during a meal.
    27. 27 Taken a phone call on public transport.
    28. 28 Talked on the phone while being served by a shop assistant.
    29. 29 Bitched about someone you know can hear you.
    30. 30 Bitched about someone on Twitter when you know they’ll read it.
    31. 31 Talked over a film at the cinema.
    32. 32 Checked your phone at the theatre.
    33. 33 Dropped gum on the pavement.
    34. 34 Talked loudly in the library.
    35. 35 Tried to get on a train before everyone has got off it.
    36. 36 Refused to move down train carriage to make space for others.
    37. 37 Rammed yourself into someone else’s body to fit on a train.
    38. 38 Sat in a aisle seat when the window seat was empty.
    39. 39 Put your bag on the seat beside you to stop others sitting there.
    40. 40 Talked in the quiet carriage of a train.
    41. 41 Not given a pregnant woman a seat on public transport.
    42. 42 Taken a screaming child to a public place.
    43. 43 Accidentally on purpose forgotten to pay someone back.
    44. 44 Accidentally on purpose forgotten to tip your waiter.
    45. 45 Taken half a bite of something and put it back down.
    46. 46 Gesticulated with utensils in your hand at the dinner table.
    47. 47 Rested your elbows on the dinner table.
    48. 48 Popped chewing gum in public.
    49. 49 Put your hand in your pants in public.
    50. 50 Ordered for your date.
    51. 51 Used someone else’s WiFi without asking.
    52. 52 Eaten someone else’s food without asking.
    53. 53 Not poured someone else’s wine before your own.
    54. 54 Pretended to listen to what someone is saying without actually listening.
    55. 55 Blown cigarette smoke into a non-smoker’s face.
    56. 56 Forgotten to introduce two people you know to each other when they’re in the same conversation.
    57. 57 Forgotten someone’s name just after they told you it.
    58. 58 Looked inside someone’s cupboards without asking permission.
    59. 59 Had a whispered conversation with someone in company.
    60. 60 Stared at someone.
    61. 61 Neglected to tip a waiter.
    62. 62 Shortened someone’s name without asking first.
    63. 63 Put your knife in your mouth.
    64. 64 Not said “excuse me” when passing someone.
    65. 65 Looked at a photo on someone’s phone and then swiped left to look at all of their photos without permission.
    66. 66 Used the toilet with the door open.
    67. 67 Talked to someone when they’re in the toilet.
    68. 68 Put your feet on a seat on public transport.

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Tabatha Leggett is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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