5 Cancer Patients Reacting To Their Hilarious Makeovers

The aim? To “allow them to forget their disease, if only for a second.” Via The Mimi Foundation.

One patient told The Mimi Foundation that the thing she missed most about life before cancer was being carefree.

So the French charity paired up with Leo Burnett France and offered 20 patients make-overs.

The only condition? They had to keep their eyes shut and allow a photographer to capture their reactions.

ID: 2103410

What these women didn’t know is quite how silly their make-overs would be.


The idea was that as soon as they saw how ridiculous they looked, they’d laugh and remember what it felt like to be carefree.

ID: 2103416

Their reactions were astonishing.

ID: 2103417

1. Their facial expressions were priceless.

ID: 2103403

2. Everyone was surprised.

ID: 2103402

3. Like, really shocked.

ID: 2103404

4. Although some showed it more than others.

ID: 2103401

5. Everyone left smiling.

ID: 2103405

Watch the whole video here.

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