33 Accessories Every ’00s Teen Owned And Loved

But without a mood ring, how could you tell how you really felt?

1. Hair braids that eventually fell out and left a little stump of hair behind.

3. Friendship necklaces.

4. Lots of little badges.

5. Livestrong wristbands.

6. Diamante Baby Gs.

8. Ties worn as necklaces.

Scott Gries / Getty

9. Wedding-style hair grips from Claire’s.

10. Anklets that made a noise as you walked.

12. Butterfly hair clips.

13. Scarves worn as headbands.

George De Sota / Getty

14. A single, oversize hair clip.

17. Skinny scarves.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Frederick M. Brown / Getty


18. Tattoo-style chokers.

19. With a matching ring and bracelet.

20. Indian-style bangles.

21. Headbands with your name on them.

22. Chopsticks in your hair.

Frank Micelotta / Getty

24. Scrunchies made of hair.


25. Especially if the hair wasn’t a natural colour.

26. Colourful hoop earrings.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty

27. Hair bands that didn’t actually push any hair back.

30. String, plaited into your hair.

32. Diamante cross necklaces.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty

33. And, of course, “Bang on the Door” animal scrunchies.

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