29 Good Reasons To Worship Russell Brand As A God


1. Everyone’s talking about Russell Brand right now.

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2. He guest edited this week’s New Statesman, and his excellent 4,500 word call for revolution was published this morning.

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3. In it, he likened shaking George Osborne’s hand to “sliding [his] hand into a dilated cow.”

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4. And yesterday he advised Jeremy Paxman to “tangle [his beard] into [his] armpit hair” on Newsnight.

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5. But Russell Brand was amazing waaaaaay before he became an political activist.

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6. Remember when he worked at MTV and bought his drug dealer into work?

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7. And when he interviewed Richard Dawkins on his BBC2 radio show?

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8. And when he presented Big Brother’s Big Mouth and flirted with every single female contestant?

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9. And when he took over Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack and asked all the girls to strip?

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10. That’s when the Sun first crowned him “Shagger of the Year” - an accolade he’s since received four times.

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11. And although he’s admitted to having a sex addiction, he’s always responsible.

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12. When he did fall in love with Katy Perry, it was beyond adorable.

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13. But now he’s single again. HOORAY!

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14. But let’s get back to comedy. 1 Leicester Square, Russell Brand’s Got Issues and Ponderland were hilariously funny.

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15. As was the time Bob Geldof called him a “cunt” at the NME Awards.

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16. And his description of George W. Bush at the 2008 MTV Music Video Awards.

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17. He was on form that night.

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18. And then there was Sachs-gate. Let’s be honest, that was pretty funny too.

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19. In fact, everything Russell Brand says is funny.

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20. Except the things he says that are serious.

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21. Which are actually surprisingly profound.

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22. His speech about his mother’s battle with breast cancer at the 2008 Pride of Britain Awards was incredibly moving.

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23. And his Guardian articles about Amy Winehouse and Maggie Thatcher were spot on.

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24. He was good when he spoke about drugs in the House of Commons too.

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25. He doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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26. He has the cutest bromances.

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27. OMG seriously, they are so so so cute.

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28. And after all of his battles with drug and sex addictions, he still thinks the world is a wonderful place.

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29. Basically, Russell, you’re the best.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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