13 Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

What are you afraid of? Face your fears and much more on Syfy’s new season of Total Blackout returning Tonight 10:30/9:30c.

1. Lutraphobia

The fear of the lovably fuzzy mammal known as the otter.

2. Arcotophobia

The fear of bears, but the phobia can also manifest itself in a fear of teddy bears. Watch contestants face their fears and much more on Syfy’s new season of Total Blackout.

3. Ailurophobia

The fear of cats, but it’s okay grumpy cat didn’t like you anyway.

4. Venustraphobia

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

The fear of beautiful women, a most unfortunate phobia indeed.

5. Anatidaephobia

The fictional fear of being watched by a duck popularized by Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” comic.

6. Ablutophobia

The fear of washing or bathing, a phobia that commonly manifests itself in household animals.

7. Tetraphobia

The fear of the number four. The solution? More puppies!

8. Chorophobia

The fear of dancing. Come on, if this bear can do it, so can you.

9. Agrizoophobia

The fear of wild animals, even if they’re fuzzy balls of adorableness.

10. Chionophobia

The fear of snow, a condition that does not perturb this furry friend.

11. Androphobia

Francois Durand / Getty Images

The fear of men. The only known cure for this ailment is Ryan Gosling.

12. Scopophobia

The fear of being looked at. D’awww.

13. Cathisophobia

The fear of sitting down. Cats have displayed a unique immunity to this condition, because if they fits, they sits.

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