21 Awesome "Breaking Bad" Crafts

The final episodes of Breaking Bad are still a few months out, but you can still get a creative high with these amazing crafts inspired by the series.

1. 8-bit Perler Bead Art

ID: 1096223

2. Breaking Bad Nail Art

ID: 1096225

3. Walter White Custom Wooly Willy Game

ID: 1096226

4. Jessie and Walt Wood Burned Plaque

ID: 1096227

5. Breaking Bad Character Coasters

ID: 1096228

6. Breaking Bad Cake Pops

ID: 1096229

7. Breaking Bad Crochet Blanket Pattern

ID: 1096230

8. BB License Plate Cufflinks

ID: 1096231

9. Los Pollos Hermanos Cross stitch logo pattern

ID: 1096232

10. Walter White Plushie Dolls

ID: 1096233

11. Scroll Saw head cutouts

ID: 1096235

12. Mini Mike Sculpture

ID: 1096237

13. Charm Bracelet

ID: 1096260

14. Bathing Bad Bath Salts

ID: 1096238

15. Hand-Painted Heisenburg mug

ID: 1096240

17. Breaking Bad Necklace

ID: 1096256

18. Amigurumi Crochet Pink Teddy Bear

ID: 1096242

19. Breaking Bad Onesie

ID: 1096255

20. Cross Stitch This is my Private Domicile

ID: 1096244

21. Walter White Painted Chuck Taylors

And this Breaking Bad craft…a pair of Walter White Chuck Taylor Allstars designed by Jon Defreest with the star himself!

ID: 1096234

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