17 Crafts That Remind You Of Your Grandma’s House

Crochet. Needlepoint. Cross Stitch. Tole Painting. There wasn’t a craft Grandma couldn’t do.

1. Crocheted chevron afghan…

ID: 1153793

…or granny square quilt

They were seriously the BEST to snuggle under.

ID: 1153811

2. Fancy crocheted accessories in the bathroom

ID: 1153760

Bonus points if it also came with a crocheted seat cover and matching rug

These pieces complimented the dusty soap dish filled with rose soaps and/or liquid bath beads that you weren’t supposed to use.

ID: 1153824

3. Tole-painted goose

Oh, tole painting, how the lady of the 80’s loved you so.

ID: 1153764

4. Bent-over yard figurines

I like big butt decorations and I can not lie.

ID: 1153766

5. Doilies in all shapes and sizes

ID: 1153775

She may have even had this crocheted gem!

Doilies were a grandmother’s decorating must-have.

ID: 1153830

6. Crochet-topped hand towels

These were particularly good to make for wedding showers or bunco gifts!

ID: 1153781

7. Teddy bears wearing clothes with straw hats

Teddy bears are very dignified creatures and deserved to be dressed in only the best Daisy Kingdom prints!

ID: 1153785

8. Framed cross stitch in the bathroom

ID: 1153789

These lace and embroidery delights were the perfect thing to look at while on the crapper!

ID: 1153839

9. Needlepoint coasters

Smurf glasses just sweat better on these things.

ID: 1153792

10. Hand-painted saw blade…

ID: 1153795

…or landscape on an entire hand saw

Extra props if they had one of these! Paint at your own risk, right?

ID: 1153796

11. Hand-painted ceramic figurines

I love their disinterest in each other.

ID: 1153798

12. Crocheted air freshener

Because anything that diffuses odor should look good, of course! Bath and Body Works Wallflowers plugins have nothing on this beauty!

ID: 1153808

13. Decorated Wicker Basket

It’s purpose wasn’t exactly clear.

ID: 1153799

14. Something in the house featuring Holly Hobby

Holly Hobby could kick Laura Ingall’s butt anyday.

ID: 1153802

15. Crocheted bedding in the room you stayed in

Of course, the bedspread was folded up and put to the side, since it was really “all show”.

ID: 1153810

16. A handmade photo album with all the trimmings

Satin ribbon never looked so good.

ID: 1153834

17. Crocheted fridge magnets

ID: 1153826

…that hung up your artwork you made for her.

This is a drawing I made for my Grandmother in 1987. I sure do love and miss her and all her crafty things!

ID: 1153837

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