• 1. “Can’t see them at night”

    “Just like any predator, camouflage is a must. Why do you think their skin is so dark? Well obviously not to run around the cities at night to fight crime!” Right. Also scary; black labs, black licorice, black olives.

  • 2. “They act like animals”

    Just look at them!

  • 3. “They use black magic to control white folk”

    Using ‘Oprah’s favorite things’ as an example of how black magic is used to influence “white folk”, completely logical. Because only black magic would cause a woman to lose her shit when she receives thousands of dollars in free stuff.

  • 4. “They cause welfare”

    “So why are they stealing money from us, if they can afford their ‘Blings Blings’?” Actual Quote. Another gem, “we need to ask these people to stop being so scary!” Good luck with that.