17 Reasons You Need To Start Watching “Orphan Black”

Do you enjoy confusing and dramatic conspiracy thriller? Have you ever wanted to see clones fighting people with tails? Then you should definitely be watching BBC America’s Orphan Black. WARNING: Spoilers!

1. It starts off with delinquent Brit Sarah Manning watching her exact double throw herself in front of a moving train.

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Yeah no slow beginnings here.

2. Then Sarah impersonates her twin in order to figure out why she killed herself.

BBC America / Via

And also to hide from her drug dealing ex-boyfriend Vic, who is just really unpleasant.

3. And we find out that instead of twins, Sarah Manning just has some clones.

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4. There’s Cosima with the great hair.

BBC America / Via

Cosima is so chill.

5. Alison the soccer mom.

BBC America / Via

Alison is the definition of “not chill”

6. Helena with the crazy eyes.

BBC America / Via

Perhaps Helena could swing by a Duane Reade to pick up some conditioner as well?

7. Katja Obinger, the German.

BBC America / Via

Rock and Roll.

8. And Rachel, the snotty Proclone.

BBC America / Via

She just LOOKS wildly unpleasant.

9. All of the clones are “owned” by the Dyad Institute, which is Big-Brother-esque and super creepy.

BBC America / Via

And everyone there practices Neolutionism, which means you should grow your own tail.

10. The clones are all trying to figure out who created them and why.

BBC America / Via

Who made them? What disease did Katja have? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

11. Felix (Sarah’s foster brother) is obviously the best character.

BBC America / Via

So fabulous and SO sassy.

12. We can’t forget about Hot Paul.

BBC America / Via

Never change, Hot Paul.

13. Sarah’s daughter Kira is a little bit more than special.

BBC America / Via

Basically she is a faster healing Regina George.

14. Mrs. S was Sarah’s foster mother and a is total enigma.

BBC America / Via

Is she evil? Is she good? Can we really trust Vera Bates?

15. Oh yes, and star Tatiana Maslany plays all the clones.

BBC America / Via

Every. Single. One.

16. And she plays the clones pretending to be other clones.

BBC America / Via

Sarah as Beth, Alison as Sarah, Sarah as Katja - it’s all perfection.

17. Basically an instant sci-fi classic.

BBC America / Via

Orphan Black’s second season premieres April 19th on BBC America.

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