The Cutest Animal You’ve Never Heard Of

Stop everything and get acquainted with your new dream pet: the quokka.

1. THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is a quokka.

2. Quokkas are marsupials that never stop smiling. They are from Australia.

3. SHUT UP, quokka. Like why are you so cute?!?!?!

4. Hello. I am just smiling and happy to be on the planet Earth. Because I am a quokka, and I do not cause drama.

Via http://flickr/wang%20mi

5. Nope, no drama here. I am just a quokka ready to listen to any problems or fears that you may have.

6. Quokkas in quokkas! How are you so deep inside there, infant quokka?

7. Everything a quokka does is cute. Because it is a quokka doing it.

8. Even sleeping is a cute experience when you are a quokka.

9. It is impossible not to smile when holding a quokka.

10. Hello, I am a wee quokka. How was your day?

11. #quokkanation


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