10 Things That Would Blow Alexander Graham Bell’s Mind

Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone to make phone calls. That’s it. Seriously. Imagine if he could see what’s become of it since then. Could he even wrap his head around a Beyonce ringtone? Here are 10 things that would totally blow his mind. Inspired by SunTrust Mobile Banking.

Full Disclosure: Alexander Graham Bell was not available to actually comment on any of these innovations.

1. Extendable cords

“Mother of pearl! I can step away from the actual phone? But, where would I even go? The possibilities are endless!” -Alexander Graham Bell

2. No cord at all

dirtytucson / Via instagram.com

“Wait another minute! I can go really really really far away from the phone?! Good, I was getting tangled up in that wild cord thing anyway.” -Alexander Graham Bell

3. Snake

“I understand manipulating the line via my mobile telephone to snatch up the dot, but where in the name of Dickens is this snake you speak of?” -Alexander Graham Bell

4. Texting

Mike Mo Capaldi / Via youtube.com

“So it’s like writing a letter but on the phone? Cool, pass me a pen. Oh, I don’t need a pen? Haha sorry still getting used to this whole button thing.” -Alexander Graham Bell

5. Touchscreens

“So there are no buttons and I can just use my finger? Well this is a much better use for my finger than digging for gold. Ha ha ha! I’m kidding. But seriously, what are we going to do with all the unnecessary buttons?”

6. Voicemail

“Hello! You’ve reached Alex Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Thanks for calling me on MY invention. Sorry I’m not here to answer your call on MY invention. I’m probably busy inventing the next thing you’ll be obsessed with so leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you when I feel like it because I’m Alexander Graham Bell.” -Alexander Graham Bell

7. Camera Phones

mippey5 / Via youtube.com

“I don’t believe it! Next you’re going to tell me that you can send these pictures to other people! Oh, you can do that? I’m just going to sit here and process that for several weeks.” -Alexander Graham Bell

8. Vibrate

randomdailyvideos / Via youtube.com

“So if someone is trying to call me… the phone will just move around a lot and go all bzzztztztzttztzzzz? And I can pick it up? It looks dangerous.” -Alexander Graham Bell

9. Caller ID

gilluley / Via instagram.com

“You can know who is calling before you pick up the phone? Well that takes all the fun out of prank calls. What do you think I invented this thing for anyway?” -Alexander Graham Bell

10. Being put on hold

“Good afternoon, may I speak to - uh, can I hold? What do you mean? Hold on to what exactly? Hello? Are you there?! Why are you playing music? I do not like this song! Hello?!?!” -Alexander Graham Bell

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Wait until Mr. Bell hears that you can now do your banking from your phone with SunTrust EZ Checking.

“Hold the phone! You mean to tell me that I can do all of my banking from this here phone?! Hot diggity dog!” - Alexander Graham Bell

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