10 Things That You Do NOT Have Time For

You’re busy. In fact, you’re probably reading this in between being busy and getting ready to be busy again. Who has time for anything these days? Especially this stuff.

1. There are not enough hours in the day for you to sift through your friend’s incessant selfies on Facebook.

2. You do not have the patience to deal with untangling your headphones only for them to retangle a second later.


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3. You do not have the time to wait for the Internet to do it’s one and only job.

4. You do not have the time to wait for the microwave to finish warming up your food.

schutsko / Via Twitter: @schutsko

5. Just like you don’t have the time to wait for your food to cool.

Troy Smalley / Via youtube.com

6. You have been waiting far too long for this space travel thing to happen already.

7. You have too much to deal with at any given moment to actually react to things with real emotion.

The Platform / Via youtube.com

8. Your summer’s not long enough to finish your school’s assigned reading in addition to your self assigned summer reading.


9. Seriously, no one has time for the trials and tribulations of auto correct.

10. There aren’t enough fabulous seconds in a minute to care about what people think about you.

And you do not even have time to think about driving to the bank.

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