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    • sunshinelo

      The Best Man Holiday was the most recent sobfest for me. Like, a legit ugly cry. I loved The Best Man, and I had been anticipating the sequel ever since it was announced. Going in I thought to myself: I can’t wait for the laughs and the few emotional parts like the first one. Boy, was I wrong. I knew what was happening as soon as the affected character popped up on the screen, I cried from that point on. A vicious, loud, rib rattling, headache inducing, worry-my-boyfriend kind of cry. My nose hurt, from blowing it. My eyes hurt, from the steady stream of tears. And my chest ached, from a) the heartbreak the movie was causing( I could literally feel my heart ripping in two) and b) from the wailing that was being produced from my soul. I have been emotionally terrorized quite often by movies, but none more so recently as TBMH. Having said that, a thought just reminded me of the Veronica Mars movie. There were several scenes where audible sobs of grief escaped me! One scene in particular, where i thought I would die from the anguish.