Your Complete Curiosity Mars Rover Update

The first panoramic picture from Curiosity’s spot on Mars, an exciting new short film about the landing, Curiosity rebuilt in Legos by one of its real engineers, and Bobak the Mohawk guy hangs out at NPR… Science!

1. Curiosity’s First Wide Panorama

Curiosity is having a siesta of sorts this weekend while she receives a “brain transplant” of sorts that will tweak how Curiosity drives, better image processing and how its robotic arm operates. The goal with Curiosity is to get it to create its own path based on the surface of Mars, rather than relying on maps transmitted from back home. We should be receiving more and better images next week, but in the meantime NASA has released this panoramic view stitched together by thumbnails.

2. Fantastic Lego Model of the Rover

Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Stephen Pakbaz helped to design the Curiosity rover in real life, but he didn’t stop there. He built this detailed Lego model for fun, but you can support it at the Cuusoo Project — where, if it garners enough support, it could become a new Lego set!

4. Mohawk Guy At NPR!

NPR sat down with our favorite Mohawk Guy and Adam Steltzner, the engineer in charge of Mohawk’s landing, to play a little “Not My Job” and answer questions about the Mars candy company. Listen to the interview and the game here to find out who won.

5. NASA’s “Seven Minutes of Terror” Recut

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This short film cuts footage that was filmed live in NASA’s control room at the time Curiosity landed with a CG recreation of the rover landing on the planet’s surface. It basically feels like a trailer for “Curiosity: The Film,” coming to a theater near you — which is awesome.

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