(Worst) Dad Of The Year Knocks Over Little Kid For Baseball

Father-son bonding at the baseball game, how sweet…

1. During Wednesday night’s Mariners - White Sox game, Kyle Seager hit a game-tying grand slam in the 14th inning.

ID: 1244241

2. Seager just happens to be the first player EVER to hit a tying grand slam in extra innings.

Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images

(According to Geoff Baker)

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3. Maybe that’s why this bro was so intent on getting the ball that he totally body checked the extremely small child standing in his way.

ID: 1244243

4. Yes, the kid is holding his own little baseball…

ID: 1244242

5. Well, he WAS holding it…

Maria Joyner


This guy barrels over a kid to catch a #GrandSlam at the #WhiteSox #Mariners #baseball game https://t.co/SZmdLpsJez

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6. It doesn’t even look like the dad ended up with the ball.

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