What’s Your Sex Number?

The ultimate “purity test” for the modern age. NSFW.

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Just check off all the acts that apply to you!

    1. Had a crush?
    2. Hugged someone?
    3. Held someone’s hand?
    4. Kissed someone on the cheek / been kissed on the cheek?
    5. Been on a date?
    6. Dated someone exclusively?
    7. Created an online dating profile?
    8. Downloaded a dating app?
    9. Been on a date with someone you met online?
    10. Kissed someone you met online?
    11. Slow-danced?
    12. Played “doctor”?
    13. Kissed someone on the mouth?
    14. Kissed someone with tongue?
    15. Made out for more than five minutes?
    16. Copped a feel / been felt up?
    17. Copped a feel / been felt up under the shirt?
    18. Gotten a hickey?
    19. Given a hickey?
    20. Made out in a car?
    21. Made out in a movie theater?
    22. Made out in public / in front of other people?
    23. Kissed someone whose last name you didn’t know?
    24. Kissed someone whose FIRST name you didn’t know?
    25. Flirted with a total stranger?
    26. Flirted with someone you knew was taken?
    27. Flirted with someone at work?
    28. Flirted with your boss?
    29. Flirted with someone you’re related to?
    30. Kissed someone you knew was taken?
    31. Kissed your boss or kissed someone who reports to you?
    32. Kissed someone who was in a monogamous relationship?
    33. Kissed someone else while YOU were in a monogamous relationship?
    34. Shared a bed with someone you were attracted to?
    35. Told someone you loved them?
    36. Told someone you loved them when you didn’t mean it?
    37. Kissed more than one person in the same week?
    38. …in the same day?
    39. Played footsie with someone you liked?
    40. Made out with someone and then slept over?
    41. Touched someone’s “downstairs” area over their clothes?
    42. Touched someone’s privates UNDER their clothes?
    43. Had your privates touched by someone?
    44. Texted someone a selfie to flirt with them?
    45. Sent someone a selfie/photo where you’re in a seductive pose?
    46. Sent someone a photo where you’re in underwear?
    47. Sent someone a photo where you’re totally naked?
    48. Let someone else take sexy photos of you?
    49. Taken sexy pictures of someone?
    50. Video-chatted with someone you liked?
    51. Video-chatted in any state of undress?
    52. Masturbated on video chat?
    53. Sent a flirty text message?
    54. Sent an overtly sexual text message?
    55. Had an entire sexting conversation?
    56. Masturbated while sexting?
    57. Had a sexy conversation over the phone?
    58. Had “phone sex”?
    59. Had a flirtatious round of gchats?
    60. Talked about explicit sex over gchat?
    61. Favorited someone’s tweet to flirt with them?
    62. DM’d someone on Twitter to flirt?
    63. DM’d something sexy over Twitter?
    64. Flirted with someone on their Facebook wall?
    65. Flirted with someone over Facebook messages?
    66. Had a sexual conversation over Facebook?
    67. Touched yourself while looking through someone’s Facebook photos?
    68. Mooned or flashed someone as a joke?
    69. Mooned or flashed strangers / in public?
    70. Gotten naked in public and been turned on by it?
    71. Had a sexual dream?
    72. Been sexually aroused by accident?
    73. Been sexually aroused along with a partner?
    74. Fantasized about a platonic friend?
    75. Fantasized about a friend’s significant other?
    76. Fantasized about your boss/teacher/superior?
    77. Fantasized about your doctor?
    78. Looked at pornographic magazines/photos?
    79. Looked at a pornographic website?
    80. Run a pornographic website or tumblr?
    81. Watched a full-length pornographic movie?
    82. Showed/shared pornography with a friend or lover?
    83. Watched or looked at pornography with someone else physically there?
    84. Paid the subscription for any porn magazine or site?
    85. Been to a strip club?
    86. Danced at a strip club?
    87. Gotten a lap dance?
    88. Given a lap dance?
    89. Trimmed your pubic hair?
    90. Shaved or waxed your pubic hair completely?
    91. Masturbated on a regular basis (at least once a week)?
    92. Masturbated in public?
    93. Masturbated to orgasm?
    94. Masturbated to orgasm more than once in a single day?
    95. Tasted your own orgasmic liquid?
    96. Inserted a finger into your own rectum?
    97. Inserted an object into your rectum?
    98. Used a “sex toy” / dildo / vibrator for masturbation?
    99. Tried to perform oral sex on yourself?
    100. Performed oral sex on someone else?
    101. Had oral sex performed on you?
    102. Swallowed someone else’s orgasmic liquid?
    103. Had your own orgasm swallowed?
    104. Met up with someone through a dating/hookup app?
    105. Made out with someone you met through a dating/hookup app?
    106. Had any kind of sexual relations with someone you met through a dating/hookup app?
    107. Had sexual intercourse?
    108. Had sexual intercourse that led to an orgasm?
    109. Had sexual intercourse that led to an orgasm for both of you?
    110. Had an orgasm at the same time as someone else?
    111. Had more than one orgasm during one sexual activity?
    112. Been tied up during sex or foreplay?
    113. Tied someone up during sex or foreplay?
    114. Been spanked during sex or foreplay?
    115. Spanked someone during sex or foreplay?
    116. Been beaten or whipped during sex or foreplay?
    117. Beaten or whipped someone during sex or foreplay?
    118. Role-played during sex?
    119. Dressed up in a costume for sexual purposes?
    120. Fooled around with more than one person at the same time?
    121. Fooled around with more than two other people at the same time?
    122. Had sexual intercourse with more than one person at the same time (a threesome)?
    123. Had sexual intercourse with more than two other people at the same time?
    124. Participated in an orgy / group sex with more than four people?
    125. Knowingly “swapped” partners with someone else?
    126. Been in an actively polyamorous relationship?
    127. Been in a long-term sexual relationship with more than one person concurrently?
    128. Fantasized about someone other than your partner while having sex?
    129. Said the name of someone other than your partner while having sex?
    130. Intentionally listened in on other people having sex without them knowing it?
    131. Watched or listened to other people having sex when they did know it?
    132. Watched or listened to your partner having sex with someone else?
    133. …while masturbating?
    134. Intentionally urinated during sexual play?
    135. Intentionally defecated during sexual play?
    136. Been with someone who intentionally urinated or defecated during sex?
    137. Given someone money for sex?
    138. Received money for sex?
    139. Had sex with someone because you felt sorry for them?
    140. Had sex with someone you’d just broken up with?
    141. Had sex with someone you weren’t at all attracted to?
    142. Had sex with someone to advance in your career?
    143. Had sex with an elected official?
    144. Had sex with a teacher/professor?
    145. Had sex with your boss?
    146. Had sex with a celebrity (someone who might be on TMZ)?
    147. Had sex with a celebrity because you were their fan (been a groupie)?
    148. Had sex with someone who you were the boss/superior of?
    149. Worn lingerie/underwear of the opposite sex for titillation?
    150. Been sexually attracted to an animated character?
    151. Masturbated while fantasizing about an animated character?
    152. Masturbated while playing a video game?
    153. Had sex with someone whose last name you didn’t know?
    154. Had sex with someone whose first name you didn’t know?
    155. Completely forgotten you had sex with someone until they remind you?
    156. Had sex with more than 5 different people?
    157. Had sex with more than 10 different people?
    158. Had sex with more than 20 different people?
    159. Had sex with more than 50 different people?
    160. Had sex with more than 100 different people?
    161. Had sex while high on marijuana?
    162. Had sex while drunk?
    163. Had sex while high on an opiate?
    164. Had sex while high on cocaine?
    165. Had sex while high on ectasy/MDMA/molly?
    166. Had sex while on a hallucinogen?
    167. Had sex while high on any drugs with a partner who didn’t know you were on them?
    168. Made yourself or someone else bleed during sex?
    169. Gotten sex-related bruises?
    170. Been seriously injured from having sex?
    171. Had sex (oral or intercourse) in a car?
    172. …in a movie theater?
    173. …in a public bathroom?
    174. …on a plane?
    175. …in your parent’s bed?
    176. …at work?
    177. Had sex with someone you met through online dating?
    178. Had sex with someone you met on Twitter?
    179. Had sex with someone you met on Facebook?
    180. Had sex with someone you met through a pornography/sex website?
    181. Had sex with someone when there was an age difference of more than 20 years?
    182. Had anal sex?
    183. Been involved in fisting?
    184. Done sixty-nine?
    185. Used toys or props during sex?
    186. Taken pictures while having sexual relationships?
    187. Videotaped yourself having sexual relationships?
    188. Put pictures or video of yourself having sex on the internet?
    189. Given someone an orgasm with your feet?
    190. Been given an orgasm with feet?
    191. Worn vinyl, leather, or latex for sex?
    192. Worn a mask during sex?
    193. Worn a diaper during or for sex?
    194. Gotten food involved during sex?
    195. Had sex loudly because you knew someone else could hear?
    196. Fantasized about sex with someone you were related to?
    197. Fantasized about sex with a completely fictional character?
    198. Fantasized about sex with an animal?
    199. Fantasized about sex with yourself?
    200. Gotten turned on while taking a purity test?

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