Welcome To The New United Socialist Paradise States Of America

Ch-ch-ch-changes. With key electoral wins and ballot initiatives, the hippies are taking over.

1. Barack Obama elected with what looks to be the clearest re-election victory since Ronald Reagan

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2. Beyonce’s Tumblr celebrated…

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3. America has elected its first openly gay Senator, Tammy Baldwin

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4. Todd Akin legitimately lost the Senate race in Missouri

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5. Richard Mourdock, also notorious for his rape comments, ousted a longstanding Republican in the primary race… and lost the general election

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6. Massachusetts elected its first female Senator, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren

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She defeated incumbent Republican Scott Brown.

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7. Same-sex marriage measures have passed in Maryland and Maine

Kevin P. Casey / AP

The first states in the nation to back same-sex marriage at the ballot box. Minnesota rejected a gay marriage ban. And Washington’s same sex marriage initiative is still close, and pending a final call.

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8. Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana use

Caption on this Instagram photo: “#Colorado is the best. Roomies celebratin’ :)(: #wedidit #64 #history #jamessss #boulder”

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9. America…

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Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble...like never before.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before.— Donald J. Trump

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America died.

— Victoria Jackson (@vicjackshow)

America died.— Victoria Jackson

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