We Need To Talk About What Happened On “New Girl”

Oh. my. god. Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers ahead!

1. So, this thing happened on “New Girl” last night…

And some people are really excited about it, while other people are worried that it could ruin the friendly dynamic on the show. But there is only one conclusion that everyone can agree on:


Like, “all you can do is keyboard mash” hot.

4. Here’s the evidence…

Chosen from among the Instagrams and Tumblrs and Tweets of a million hot and bothered fans:

9. Nick Miller, everyone.

11. Who even knew he was capable?

15. Raising the bar.

16. To unreachable standards.

18. Can you turn on the fan?

19. Can someone get me a glass of water?

23. Here’s the full video, for your rewatching needs.

24. Life will never be the same.

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