This Dog Took A Train To Dublin Yesterday Morning

And thanks to the wonders of the internet, Patch was reunited with his owner just three hours later! Although one has to wonder if he just wanted to take a little vacation…

After Patch boarded the 6.49am train from Kilcock to the Dublin station, the Irish Rail sent out a tweet alerting their 18,000+ followers to the lost pup.

ID: 413756

Lost dog! Boarded at Kilcock at 06.49 this morning, currently being looked after in Pearse Stn. Please ReTweet. http://t.co/F7nYSpj3— IrishRail

ID: 413747

Patch’s owner, Deirdre Anglin, was already looking for him and logged onto Facebook and Twitter to alert people of her lost dog, and then less than three hours after it was posted, she saw the Irish Rail tweet and went to go pick up the adventurous pooch from the station.

ID: 413762

Reunited! @DeirdreCA and Patch after Patch’s early morning commute from Kilcock to Pearse! http://t.co/uEjYOyH7— IrishRail

ID: 413764

@IrishRail Thanks to everyone involved in getting patch back to us http://t.co/Hm1AaUOT— Deirdre Anglin

ID: 413771

Via arbroath.blogspot.com

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