30 Moments From 2012 That Everyone Can Enjoy

Often what you find on the internet is not-safe-for-grandma, but it is possible for something to be totally wholesome and perfectly wonderful.

1. In 2012, a frog sat like a human.

2. And a cat also sat like a human.

3. There was a beautiful display of 300 illuminated origami boats in Canary Wharf.

4. A Slinky ran on a treadmill.

5. Mister Rogers got auto-tuned.

6. Butterflies drank a turtle’s tears.

Pete Oxford/Minden Pictures

In Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park, butterflies sip a yellow-spotted river turtle’s tears. The mineral-rich liquid helps the insects reproduce. In exchange, the reptile gets a good eye-cleaning.

7. Sloopy danced for his dinner.

8. This man adopted a kitten.

9. A 3-year-old with cancer got his wish to ride an elevator and push all the buttons.

10. This 9-year-old’s perfect instructions on raising a cat were published.

11. The best marriage proposal ever happened.

12. An orphaned elephant was taken care of.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

13. A village made an entire orchestra from discarded trash.

14. Thousands of kids got to cover an all-white room with thousands of stickers.

Art installation by Yayoi Kusama.

15. Neglected ducks were rescued and got to see water and go swimming for the first time.

16. 3-Year-Old Christian Haupt threw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game.

Harry How / Getty Images

17. Katy Perry sang “Firework” with Jodi DiPiazza, an adorable 11-year-old autistic girl.

18. Christian Bale visited the hospitalized victims in Aurora, CO.

19. Some humans of New York made the most out of a bad situation.

20. A band serenaded a stranger with “I Want To Dance With Somebody”

Video available at:

Daryl asked Count’s lead singer Gabbi McPhee to marry him and she had to decline, but she offered him Whitney Houston to soften the blow.

21. A cathedral was made from 55,000 LED lights.

22. A family reunited at a football game.

23. Some kids had mad style.

24. An animal-loving young cancer patient experienced the “Cat Immersion Project.”

25. An 8-year-old won $1000 and gave it all away to his 2-year-old neighbor who has leukemia.

“I didn’t know what I would do with $1,000. But I knew what they could do with it.”

26. Billy was rescued from a puppy mill.

27. After a year of searching for her missing cat, this girl finally went to the shelter to find a new friend

and found her long-absent cat there waiting for her.

28. This man got his final wish at a football game.

29. A puppy and kitten were both abandoned and became best friends.


30. And Santa was a UPS man.

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