The Time A Cat Adopted Four Baby Hedgehogs

And hedgekittens were born!

1. Meet Sonya and her extra-prickly kittens.

ID: 671182

2. There are four of them, and one of her.

ID: 671183

3. She loves them as if they were her own.

ID: 671184

4. And her kitten thinks of them as brothers and sisters*

*Actually, her kitten probably totally resents them for hogging in on his mom time, but that is neither here nor there.

ID: 671185

5. Paw-restin’,

ID: 671186

6. Back-sleepin’,

ID: 671188

7. “Mom”-lovin’,

ID: 671193


ID: 671189

9. The world will never be the same…

ID: 671191

10. Thank goodness.

ID: 671192

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