The Most Stylish Poodle Brothers In Japan Are Here To Make You Happy

Prepare your heart parts for Maron and Fleur.

1. How are you doing today?

ID: 2508828

2. Life got you down?

ID: 2508780

3. Maybe you need a reminder that the world is a lovely place?

ID: 2508781

4. A place where magical forces collide to make you feel good when you need it most?

ID: 2508766

5. A place full of fluffy doggies wearing clothes?

ID: 2508777

6. It’s true: the world is wonderful, and Maron and Fleur are proof.

ID: 2508846

7. These two poodles live in Japan and they wear clothes every day.

ID: 2508852

8. These are real faces, and they want you to smile.

ID: 2508856

9. They like wearing sweaters.

ID: 2508776

10. This is what they wore for Halloween.

ID: 2508844

11. Maron looks dashing in blue.

ID: 2508770

12. Fleur is particularly proud of his “legwarmers.”

ID: 2508782

13. And heartmaking stares.

ID: 2508807

14. If you can stay down while staring into this face, you’re probably a robot.

ID: 2508832

15. These two are living every day to its fullest.

ID: 2508811

16. And looking good doing it.

ID: 2508805

17. Take this as a sign to let your personal style shine.

ID: 2508775

18. Fleur and Maron believe that everyone can be as happy as they are, wearing clothes and being dogs.

ID: 2508835

19. Keep your chin up.

ID: 2508838

20. Happiness is just a click away.

ID: 2508841

21. Maron and Fleur want to remind you that life is best when you’re with the ones you love.

ID: 2508774

22. And with dogs wearing clothes, obviously.

ID: 2508814

H/T: Instagram’s Weekly Fluff

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