The Best Cat For Fall Has Been Found

Her name is Blackberry and she is the reason for the season. Happy sweater weather!

1. This is Blackberry.

ID: 1593412

3. A series of photos of her glory has recently gotten 65k notes on Tumblr and been at the top of Reddit.

ID: 1593406

5. In other words, BLACKBERRY IS A STAR.

ID: 1593404

6. Not only is her black fur super-luxe…

ID: 1593398

7. And her facial expressions perpetually hilarious…

ID: 1593410

10. She is also HALLOWEEN THEMED!

ID: 1593405

12. She has a sister who is named Autumn, also a heartbreaker.

ID: 1593416

13. This is one of her humans (looking appropriately gothic).

ID: 1593421

14. Blackberry is basically fall in cat form.

ID: 1593401

15. She’s practically got leaves falling off her.

ID: 1593408

16. She is already thinking about what she’s going to dress as on Oct. 31 this year.

ID: 1593400

17. So as October approaches and the weather cools off…

ID: 1593411

18. Remember the glory of Blackberry.

ID: 1593399


ID: 1593418

20. Not that she would be easy to forget.

ID: 1593407

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