The 17 Best Places For Cats To Visit

A weekend travel guide for feline adventurers.

17. Shopping bags.

Whether paper or plastic, there’s a universe of possibilities inside.

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16. Laundry baskets.

Warm and clean – what more do you want?

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15. Bookshelves.

The better the books, the better the nap.

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14. On top of the toilet.

I recommend choosing one with both lids closed for optimal relaxation.

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13. The bathtub.


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12. Suitcases.

The closer your person is to getting ready to leave on vacation, the better a snuggle down in the suitcase will feel.

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11. Car hoods.

If you happen to be an indoor-outdoor cat, there is no better spot than the hood of the ol’ car. Just make sure it’s not moving!

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10. Someone else’s bed.

Nothing like displacing a dog for a good night’s sleep.

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9. Pots.

Like it was made for you.

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8. Cabinets.

The cleaner the dishes, the better.

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7. Radiators.

Mmmmmmmmmmm warmth…

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6. Drawers.

These are especially good for hiding inside and unwittingly scaring the crap out of your person.

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5. Sinks.

Again: Make sure there’s no water inside, or else you might melt and die.

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4. Boxes.

As all cats know, boxes are a little rectangle of heaven right here on planet Earth.

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3. Window blinds.

Bend them to your will for all of your lookin’ out needs!

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2. Computers.

The busier your person is, the more satisfying a nice day nap on the ol’ keyboard will be.

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1. Near the one they love.

Nowhere better in the world.

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