25 Signs You’re Addicted To Books

The first step is admitting it. The second step is to keep right on reading.

1. When you were little, books were your best friends in the world.

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2. When you’re reading a good book, you forget to eat or sleep.

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3. Your ups and downs are completely dictated by the book you’re reading.

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Sometimes there is yelling.

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Sometimes it’s more subtle.

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4. You’ve been traumatized by things that “only” happened in books you read.

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5. The picture window in your wallet displays your library card instead of your driver’s license.

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6. You think of colors in terms of Penguin classics.

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7. Rainy days > sunny days.

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Although you do manage to get outside on a pretty day…

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8. This is all you think about when you picture your “dream home.”

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And your idea of a fun weekend is rearranging your library for the 100th time.

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9. Walking by a closed bookstore is torture.

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When they’re open, you’re incapable of going in without buying something.

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You’ve even developed a crush on a bookstore employee based solely on their staff picks.

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10. Anytime you undertake any idea or project, the first step is to read a lot of books about it.

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You assume that a book can teach you anything.

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11. You would never shame someone for reading.

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But you’re happy to shame them for not reading.

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12. When others come to you for advice, you just give them books to read.

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13. When you go on vacation, your suitcase looks like this.

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You’re not sure what people who go to the beach without a book even do there, to be honest.

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14. TV is OK…sometimes.

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15. The stack of books by your bed resembles the beginning of a Jenga game.

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It’s a pressing concern in your life.

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16. The sexiest someone can look is when they’re holding a good book.

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The bigger the book, the better.

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17. You make decisions about people based on the number of books they have.

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But books are better than having to deal with people, anyway.

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Yeah, you have your priorities straight.

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18. But when someone reads a book you recommend to them, your faith in humanity is completely restored.

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19. The book is always, always, always better.

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20. One of your life’s greatest pleasures is the smell of old books.

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21. Book violence concerns you greatly.

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You’re angry this picture didn’t come with a NSFLIFE warning.

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22. Sure, you work out!

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You know that even reading itself can be exhausting.

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And sometimes it’s downright painful.

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23. You often have spats of, uh, “insomnia.”

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And when you do fall asleep, it’s often with a book still in your hands.

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24. Finishing a book you loved is like losing a best friend.

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25. When you’re between books, you feel lost.

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That is, until you open another.

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