Selections From "The Boy Book," 1998-1999

Give a boy-crazy teenage girl a YM subscription and a glue stick, and she will give you a masterpiece. I created this huge scrapbook of cute boys when as a teenager in the ’90s. No shame. Okay, a little shame.

It’s a good start. I recognized Ian Somerhalder’s talents when he was just a male model, and Paul Rudd is obviously still the best.

ID: 368898

Vintage Phillippe.

ID: 368900

Some shirtless strangers. Nothing creepy to see here, move on.

ID: 368903

Prince William! And some guys from, like, the Dillards catalog!

ID: 368899

I used to watch the few minutes of Casper where Devon Sawa appears over and over again.

ID: 368904

Listen, y’all, I’m from Texas.

ID: 368906

Was handsome then, has only gotten handsomer.

ID: 368907

BFFs. This was a really big deal and everyone had to choose a side.

ID: 368908

I’m sad to report that I was Team Affleck at the time. I know.

ID: 368910

This page makes me feel really confused about my identity, but I still heartily approve of ’90s Ken Griffey Jr.

ID: 368909

Ethan Embry, I still love you even though I heard that you’re a scientologist.

ID: 368911

There’s a LOT of Usher in this book.

ID: 368912

And a lot of Leo, of course.

ID: 368914


ID: 368913

James Marsden, I don’t even remember what you were in.

ID: 368915

Troy Dyer 4 Lyfe.

ID: 368916

Brad Pitt and Jerry O’Connell. A study in contrasts?

ID: 368917

I know, I know. I know.

ID: 368918

Nice pants, Ush.

ID: 368920

A.J. from Empire Records and his unfortunate facial hair configuration.

ID: 368921

LOOKIT tiny Ryan Reynolds!

ID: 368922

The guy in the bottom left is Chris Hardwick, who now does the Nerdist podcasts. See, I had good taste… very occasionally.

ID: 368923

A guy from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. Bonus puppy!

ID: 368924

Pacey, you were much cuter than Dawson but I don’t think I recognized that at the time and I apologize.

ID: 368925


ID: 368928

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