Rupert Murdoch Claims He’s Been Attacked On Twitter After Calling Scientologists "Evil"

This morning, News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch tweeted that, in the wake of the TomKat divorce, he believed Scientologists were “creepy, maybe even evil.” He says he’s received hundreds of attacks and he expects them to become more threatening, but Scientologists actually seem to have remained quiet on the controversy thus far.

Rupert Murdoch in New York, June 28, 2012. KEITH BEDFORD / Reuters

Rupert Murdoch started his Sunday morning with controversy, tweeting out his strongly worded opinions on Scientology. The original tweets on the subject of Scientology and the TomKat divorce do beg the question of whether Cruise will ever work for a News Corp owned company again.

Scientologist Tom Cruise and his soon to be ex-wife Katie Holmes, March 28, 2011. MARIO ANZUONI / Reuters

Replies began rolling in immediately. I did find hundreds of responses to Murdoch’s original tweets, but most of them seemed to be accusing the alleged “phone hacker” and conservative of hypocrisy, but not actually defending Scientology or Cruise. I was unable to find a response from an actual Scientologist, and the officially-affiliated Scientology twitter accounts have thus far remained silent on this issue. That said, it’s hard not to characterize many of the responses he received as attacks:

While combing for these responses, I found about an equal number of supporting tweets, often surprised to find themselves in the position of agreeing with Rupert Murdoch on something.

He was asked about his feelings about Mormonism, and it was the only response he replied to directly thus far.

Murdoch now claims he’s received hundreds of “attacks,” and he expects them to get worse and more threatening. However, he’s sticking to his story that Scientologists are “maybe evil.”

It seems that many followers would delight in observing a war between Murdoch and the Church of Scientology, but that war doesn’t seem to have actually emerged… yet? Your move, Scientologists.

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